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Eviction Services

From start to finish, we can provide all of your eviction needs. We are a one stop shop and will walk you through the process and make it as easy and fluid as possible for all of our clients!

Notices to Quit/Terminate Tenancy

We can serve any type of notice to quit that is necessary in your case. Whether it be a Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent, Notice to Terminate Tenancy, or Any other notice to quit for any valid reason. We can also prepare notices to quit upon request. 


Summary Process (Summons and Complaint)

Once you have served the notice to quit/termination, the next step is to serve a Summary Process Summons and Complaint. We can assist in filling it out properly as well as serving the summons. Do not forget to file it once its served otherwise you will have to re-serve it and lose time in your case!



Once your case is finished and you obtain an "execution for possession" directly from the court, we can execute the levy as soon as possible. We handle it all from scheduling the moving company to preparing and serving the 48 hour notice. Massachusetts evictions require a (minimum) 48 hour notice to be posted/served to the property which notifies the tenants/occupants of the impending eviction date and time. On that date and time, we arrive and remove the tenant and their property to safe keeping. Locksmiths are optional and can be reserved upon request.


Post Eviction/Lockout/Levy

Once the eviction is over, the original paperwork is returned to the court. The moving company notifies the tenants/occupants of their rights regarding the property.

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